Anthony says

I think the real question should be why so much hate over the casino?

Those that support a casino will promise all kinds of perks, benefits and profits while those that oppose a casino fear an increase in crime and poverty. I’m old enough to know that the truth will fall somewhere in the middle.

The promises of grandeur and the fear of disaster are both overstated.

I’m going to focus on the side FOR a casino, that the comments appear to be very against churches and religious people.. and it seems that that anger is directed against religious people, because religious people stand in contrast to a casino.. in other words, if you are religious and oppose a casino, you are the enemy, regardless of what the reasons you have to get against a casino.

Maybe, just maybe the reason that churches oppose a casino is that they know that their resources will be exhausted when some of the people who support the casino fall on hard times because of the casino and come to them looking for help.

So before you, judge Christians and attack religious people over their opposition of a casino, be a little more considerate of their reasons. Remember that the casino won’t be the one helping people when they have expired all of their financial resources on the belief that they will strike it rich. It will be the churches and religious people that will be the ones that care enough to help.

So maybe we shouldn’t be so angry and mean to one another and be kinder and more compassionate.


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