There are many, myths out there, especially myths about animals and pets, here are 6 of them.

5. (Myth) Fish Can Live In A 1 Gallon Fish Bowl

Yes,  this may come surprising to people who are just getting into the hobby or people who had fish, but never really dived deep into the fishkeeping but, it’s actually true. Most fish kept in fish bowls live in large ponds in the wild, while Bettas do live in small spaces of water, you still will see the Betta getting sick, and cramped. Besides that, it’s almost impossible to keep the tank clean! Fish also need a filter (some fish also need a heater, which a 1 gallon can’t accommodate one) to keep the tank clean as well as to raise oxygen levels, well, it just so happens that 1 gallon bowls can’t accommodate one.  To dive further more into this crazy myth, click here.

4. (Myth) Dogs Can See Only Black and White

Dogs only have 2 receptors, while humans have 3, dogs can actually see in color, not a lot but, some! Studies has shown that dogs can see, grayish brown, dark yellow light yellow, light blue as well as dark blue. To look further more into this myth, click here.


3. (Myth) Dogs Eat Grass Because They’re Sick

Actually this isn’t 100% true. Although they do eat grass because they’re sick, dogs eat grass for many possible reasons, such as to improve their digestion, to full fill a nutritional need or possibly just because they like the taste of it. If you want to dive further into this myth, click here.

2. (Myth) If a Dog Wags Their Tail, They’re Happy and If a Cat Purrs They’re Happy or Content

If A Dog Wags Their Tail, They’re Happy

This isn’t 100% true, yes, dogs wag their tail if their happy but, not all the time, you see, although dogs wag their tail because their happy, they also wag their tail if they’re feeling nervous or scared or just really any negative emotion. How do you know if they’re happy (or other positive emotions) or feeling a negative emotion? Studies have shown that if a dog is feeling happy, they usually wag the tail to the right, while if they are feeling a negative emotion, they usually wag their tail left. To look deeper into this myth, click here.

If A Cat Purrs They’re Happy


Although it’s still a topic of debate, scientists believe that cats also purr if they are feeling negative emotions. Why do cats purr? Cats purr as a form of communication, they usually will purr if they feel distress or fear. Purring usually is a way of comforting themselves if they are feeling pain or fear, like if a Queen ( a intact female cat) is giving birth, she will usually purr because, she is feeling pain (to comfort herself). To dive deeper into this myth, click here.



1. (Myth) Cats Always Land On Their Feet


Although Cats do usually land on their feet, they don’t always. Studies have shown that the height of the fall can affect their ability to land safely, if a cat manages to land on their feet from a high fall, they usually get a major injury! To look more into this myth, click here.

What do you think about these myths? Make sure to let us know in the comment section below!