Should You Use Social Media to market real estate?

Should You Use Social Media to sell Real Estate?

So, should you use social media to sell your listings?

I know, it’s all the buzz and all the real estate gurus are telling you to do it plus you have tons of fellow agents doing it and making money, but does it really make sense and if not, why?

There’s no shortage of HUGE success stores in circulation and everybody knows that in order to sell homes FAST, social media is the way to go…

What could POSSIBLY be bad?

Social media can sell homes fast. But if you like selling homes and want to continue to sell homes in the future, then you probably should think twice about listing your homes on facebook and other social media services.

I realize this advice goes directly against everything you’ve been told. but there’s a very good reason.

Check out THIS article from Forbes.

Did you read the article? Does it sound familiar? Did you feel the anxiety of selling homes without incurring any cost to you? Except that the article is not appealing to you, but to FSBO’s and the cost that is being avoided is not the cost of advertising, but the cost of real estate commissions.

So, when you sell your listings on facebook and other social media platforms, even if those listings are advertised on your website, you are sending a very strong message to anybody that sees your ads that facebook, including sellers (FSBO’s) is the place to sell homes. The message that others will see, is that same one that you were sold, that social media is the way to sell homes fast and without any cost. And that’s the problem.

Sure, you can sell homes, and sure there’s allot of people doing it, but in the long-run, you are telling your future sellers a great way to save money, but it’s not advertising money they’ll be saving, it will be your commissions.

What do you think about this? I would love to hear your thoughts. Share a comment in the comment section below.


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