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Slow Cook Keto eBook

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The Slow Cook Keto eBook is packed with delicious keto slow cooker recipes the whole family will enjoy. 90+ easy keto recipes that you can make in slow cooker, multi cooker or thermal cooker.
Just to confirm this is the eBook only.
(With every new release please allow at least one week before printing for personal use, just in case of any updates).
You can purchase the hard copy of Slow Cook Keto in-store as well.
Megan Ellam’s, Slow Cook Keto recipes eBook includes lip-smacking recipes such as Mexican Tostada Stack, Beef Bourguignon, Firecracker Chicken Meatballs, Meatloaf Parmigiana, Keto Tortillas, Chinese Five-Spice Lamb Shanks and so many more!

Here is just a little more of what you get in your download today

What is included?

✔︎ 90+ slow cook keto recipes using supermarket ingredients
✔︎ No “cheffy” skills needed – easy step-by-step instructions
✔︎ Easy to read and follow recipes with simple ingredients
✔︎ Slow cooker and thermal cooker methods
✔︎ Dietary & nutritional information included
✔︎ Family-friendly and budget-friendly easy recipes
✔︎ All measurements include a mix of US Customary and metric. A measurement and baking guide is provided in the book.
✔︎ Glossary and low carb/supplier/artisan directory included



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Slow Cook Keto Cookbook


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