Yummy Yummy Roll & Steak Hibachi

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Our Yummy Yummy roll is one of our most popular deep fried rolls that offer. Its a common favorite for our guests. The yummy yummy roll is a deep fried roll on the outside but the inside is where you get your burst of flavor that are to ensure your taste buds will be begging for more after that first bite. The inside of the roll has shrimp tempura, avocado and cream cheese, deep fried, then topped with spicy crab meat and drizzled with eel sauce and spicy mayo. Not a fan of avocado? not a problem you can always ask for it to be made without it. We can modify this roll to your liking so you are sure to enjoy it.

Our steak hibachi is delicious rather you’re sitting in dine-in and enjoying it from our kitchen or having it cooked in front of you at our hibachi grill where the chef puts on a show for you and your family. Every hibachi meal also comes with our signature homemade yum yum sauce. We offer steak or filet that you can have cooked to your liking. And at dinner we even offer combinations. You offer chicken and steak, steak and shrimp, filet and shrimp and even steak, chicken and shrimp. All of our hibachis come in with your choice of meat, vegetables and fried rice. At dinner we offer complimentary noodles when you come in and sit at our hibachi grill. (we do not offer the complementary noodles at lunch, for Togo or for dine-in). You can also modify your meal anyway that you like. Don’t like vegetables? You can sub those vegetables for double rice or even noodles. You can even modify what vegetables you don’t want in your meal, or if your not a fan of fried rice you can sub that fried rice for white rice or even more vegetables. We accommodate to the guest in the best possible way to insure our guests are happy with their meal and with their experience. If you think these items sound good just wait until you see the many other options we offer on our menu. Our team looks forward to seeing you here at Sumo.

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