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Company Name: Mobile-Auto Service
Russellville, Arkansas, United States

Mobile auto repair and maintenance!

At your location! Work, Home, Side of the road, or While you shop!
Hello! My name is Brian Manowske. I'm 48 years old and have 32 years of experience working on cars and motorcycles. I was ASE certified back in 1990, and was GM trained in 1993. I took Auto Repair at Moraine Park Technical Institute in Fond du Lac, WI in 1980.
Let me be your Personal Mechanic, and I will save you money, time, and all the inconvenience of dropping your car off, waiting and/or picking it back up at the shops discretion, and schedule. My mileage is free if the work is done in the Fond du Lac, WI, otherwise $1.50 per mile round trip. My rates average around $25.00 per hour; however most rates are set priced.

I started my business, Mobile-Auto Service in 1995 in Paris, Tn. I was helping a friend of mine named Mike Paschall install ceramic floor tiles. Mike knew I was a good mechanic. He knew me from working at Peppers Chevrolet in Paris, TN as an Auto Technician, and doing work on his vehicles. Peppers was a nice shop to work at, however since I was a Northerner, from Wisconsin, and I was a newer mechanic with no seniority, I didn't get as much assigned work as the other veteran employees. I already had 15 years of experience, but as a "Yankee", I had to compete with the southern resentment of my accent and former residency of Wisconsin.

Mike talked with me about starting a "shop" or a "service". I told him, "I couldn't afford starting a business because of the expense". Mike told me to go get some business cards, an old van, and go around to people’s homes to work on their cars. I told him, "It would never go over!" That was all that was said! Later that evening; Mike called me and asked me to come down to The Huddle House Restaurant. He said he must have left his lights on, and his battery was dead! Mike asked me to come down and give him a boost. “Sure!” I said. I loaded some tools and my jumper cables into my Camaro and went to start his truck. I hooked up to the truck and got it started. Mike threw $20.00 at me and told me to go down and buy some business cards. He said he would take me down to get an old cheap van, and loan me the money to buy it. Mike then told me "See, I told you, a mobile service would work". That was the start of "Mobile-Auto Service". Later I found out that Mike’s truck didn't need a boost. He just wanted to show me there was a market for the service!

After doing Mobile-Auto Service for 6 years, I got the opportunity to move back to Fond du Lac, WI. I arrived here in April of 2001 and operated here till July of 2005. After my wife and I purchased our first home the business slowed down and we needed to make a change. I worked for The Home Depot, in Fond du Lac, WI as a Flooring Specialist. When Home Depot closed their store, I went back to my old profession as an Over the Road Truck Driver.

After having enough of the “Truckers Life” I decided to do my profession I have always had a passion for; Auto repair and maintenance. I am back with my business Mobile-Auto Service again! I know money is tight for everyone, and Auto repair can be expensive. I offer my services at a lower rate than other shops since I don't have the overhead cost of a shop. Not having to pay the electricity, water, unemployment, insurance, etc. that most shops have to pay. I just have my truck, my tools and myself. My shop is wherever you need me, whether it is in your driveway, a parking lot at your work, or at a store while you shop. I will even do road side work!

Call me today! (479) 518-2142 Mobile-Auto Service and I will give you a quote on your repair or maintenance. Set up an appointment at YOUR convenience! I am my own employee, so if your call goes to voicemail please leave your name and phone number and I will call you back as soon as I can! You can also find me on Facebook to get many on-line discounts, rates and specials.
Mobile-Auto Service
(479) 518-2142

I come to you! Home, Work, Side of The Road, Or While You Shop!

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