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The Arkansas Pulse is also social media network for the people of Arkansas. You can add and message friends and create and join groups, message your friends, share content on your page and more.  Plus, the is locally owned and operated in Arkansas.

If you own a business, there’s even more benefit for you, because you are free to advertise your business and not just in groups but also on the home page where all users (and non-users) can see.  You are NOT limited to just the people in your group, in your friend list or those that “like” your page or content.  Furthermore, anybody interested in your content will see it.  We do NOT have algorithms that limit your views, and you are not limited to posting at certain times of day to ensure the most views.

This is how the Arkansas Pulse works! Any user, such as yourself can create “articles” which will be made open and available to any of our users/readers on a variety of home pages and will appear in a designated area on the page that relates best to the category you choose for your article.

To write your article, click HERE or go to the blue “My Posts” menu item at the top of the page.

Enter a title and select the category that best fits your article.  Then start selecting tags.  You can select as many tags as you want.. Be sure to select the home pages where you want your post to appear.  For example if you are selling a pool table and want to focus on one city in particular, be sure to add that city name in the home page drop down menu.  If it will cover the state, select “Arkansas”.  If you have any questions about how to do any of this, please leave a comment below or E-MAIL me.

Here’s a video to help explain how to add your post/article.

If you have been blocked by other social media networks for being too active, or are looking for ways to reach beyond your network then the Arkansas Pulse is perfect for you.

You can join the Arkansas Pulse @ or sign up for the newsletter @

Once you join, please help us grow by sharing our content.  If you get the newsletter, view the articles then click the share button to help us get the word out about the

Thanks! Anthony

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