Housing Market Forecast 2021 & 2022: Is Crash Coming Next? (

While price growth has slowed, there is no immediate indication of an impending housing market crash. Here are the housing market predictions for 2021 and 2022.

Can the boom last forever? Does the past teach us ANYTHING? Are we listening to the lessons of the past?

Every boom comes with a bust!

This statement has been proven true over and over again throughout history. Of course, you remember the great depression, but do you remember the roaring 20’s that preceded it?

What about the market crash of 2008? What came before that was a housing bubble.

No bubble is exempt and remember. The larger the bubble, the deeper the crash.

Most will not be prepared, but that’s okay, because only a small group of prepared agents/offices, will survive, even thrive during the coming years.

You can look through the crowd and predict which ones will make it through, but what about the smaller agents? Which ones will survive and which won’t make it?

It’s really simple.. the ones that make a lasting and real impression on their clients, will survive,

No, that doesn’t mean share some feel-good meme on facebook. Those are meaningless.

This is the time to reach out to your past clients, engage and connect with them. Now is the time to practice the golden rule.

But regarding people that aren’t current clients, it’s always a good idea to reach out to them AS IF the market is slow and you need their business.

Be out there and let people hear from you. No, not social media. Everybody does that on social media. You need to reach people in the real world. Flyers, business cards, billboards, etc. Stay out there so people see you when they need your services, they’ll call you.

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