If you thought facebook couldn’t be any more intrusive into your life, get ready for this. Facebook is now going to create it’s own global currency.

Just a little background folks, without a national currency, the US doesn’t exist. I know, apple pie, the flag and all that stuff, but the reality is that the borders of the US are just lines on a map and the name of the country is just that, a name. The ONLY thing that holds the people of our country together is our currency.

Here’s how this works. When there were kingdoms, people were held together by a common heritage, common ethnicity, common language and common religion. When a king wanted to get his subjects to fight for the kingdom perhaps against an invading army, the people understood that their very identity was at stake, so they rose up to fight the invaders.

Today, in a very divided country, with mass immigration, little or no religion, no common heritage or ethnicity and without even a common language, and anti-American propaganda taught in school, the only thing that holds the US together is a common currency… Money is far more important in our national identity than you might think. It’s simply not something you can open-source without major changes to our lives, changes that you and I have no control over.

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