Michael says I would say I have a mixed opinion. I don’t like what alcohol does to some people and their abuse to it. But I am not against alcohol.  I dot. Like what a casino does to some people but I’m not to totally against it myself. Not for it. I can see people and gambling. That being a problem.

i like the resort part of the deal. Even if not the casino so much.  However I am not completely against a casino. Here is why. I don’t like the gambling problem people have. I think it’s unhealthy.  However I do believe some people can go just for fun and it not be considered gambling so much.

Here is what I mean. Some people go out for a nice night on the town.  They spend $100 or sometimes $200. It’s all relative to the person.  they won’t be getting that money back from the nights events a of going out to eat or to a show or musical or whatever.  But it was fun.  If someone does the same at a casino for fun I don’t see that as a problem. I don’t see that the same as gambling. Gambling or an issue like alcoholism.

The resort part will be nice. The concerts that may come with it would be nice.

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