We are looking for the Best Bar-B-Que in the Clarksville area. By “Clarksville area” we are including some of the smaller towns around Clarksville that may serve bar-b-que.

The winning restaurant will be given the title “Clarksville’s Best Bar-B-Que” and will be given a placard with this title. We will also promote the winner in a future issue of the Clarksville Home Page.

Thank you for voting for the Best Bar-B-Que in Clarksville.


The winner will be chosen based on the restaurant with the highest number of “official” votes. We will count ALL of the votes, but a vote isn’t “official” until it contains an email address AND subscribes to the Clarksville Home Page.

You can vote by just entering your choice and your email address and that vote will be counted in the total, but a winner will only be chosen based on subscriber votes.

Subscribing is easy. Just click the button below giving us permission to add you to our subscriber list. Unsubscribing, if you choose to do so, is equally as easy. You can opt-out or unsubscribe anytime via a link in any of our newsletters.

This challenge will last approximately 12 months. We will focus on the results from time to time in our online newsletter as the votes are cast to let you know how the contest is going. You can also visit this page to see total votes cast on the bottom of this page.

If you don’t see one of your favorite restaurants in the list, be sure to choose the “other” option and we will include it in our list.

Arkansas Voice - Price & Reservation Form

Arkansas Voice - Price & Reservation Form

Businesses in Clarksville that wish to host the Clarksville Voice or advertise in the Clarksville Voice, can use this form to submit your ad request.


You can be a host or an advertising client. As a host client, you purchase a number of copies of the Clarksville Voice for yourself or your office. 

WHAT YOU GET: For the copies you purchase, you get a front cover ad, the entire back cover of the magazine and 4 inside pages immediately after the inside cover plus you are supporting a community project that gives the people of Clarksville a real voice for all to hear. 

* NOTE: As a host client, your ads appear ONLY on the copies you purchase. If you would like your ad to appear in all copies of the Clarksville Voice, you need to also register as an advertising client. 


Your Mailing Address


Please choose how many personalized copies of the magazine that you want to order delivered to your location. These prices are specific to clients with camera-ready artwork. Call 479-890-4884 if you need in-house production for your ads.
How many magazines would you like to order?


If you just want to run an ad for your business, choose this section. These prices vary but are specific to clients with camera-ready artwork. Call 479-890-4884 if you need in-house production for your ads.
What size ad do you want to run?
If you want more than one of the following size ads or other options, please call 479-890-4884 for a custom invoice.

After you submit your ad request, we will contact you to make final arrangements regarding your ad request, ad artwork or production needs and send you an invoice for your ads.

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