Beginners Guide – Roblox

Welcome to Roblox! If you’re reading this, it’s probably your first time playing Roblox and don’t know where to start. First, you will need to create an account.

                                         -Making An Account-


To make an account, go to If you don’t have an account it should bring you to the sign up screen, fill in all the needed information, such as the username you want and the password for your account (Make sure to make your password strong as you don’t want anyone hacking into your Roblox account). Then you can click Sign Up.

Now that you have an account, explore, and find games that you love! If you’re not happy if your avatar, feel free to buy hats, clothing and more using in-game currency (Robux), don’t worry, there are plenty of free clothing, hats and hair to choose as well as items that can get using promo codes, you can also get items from events, you will usually have to do a certain task such as completing an obby (an obby is a obstacle course in a way where you must jump onto blocks, jump over blocks that kills your character, and more) to get the item.


                                             -Creating A Game-


All games on Roblox are made by a certain person or a group of people. Creating a game is 100% free, all it takes is skill, if you can make a game with gamepasses (a gamepass is a pass which can give you many things such as a balloon or a special car, you will have to buy them with in-game currency)  which people buy, can actually get you Robux (in-game currency). Creating a good game usually has lots of code involved.

Roblox has many, many, many games to offer, with so many games, there won’t be a time where there isn’t a game you want to play.

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