located in Arkansas is searching for Australian Shepherd Breeder

We will soon be looking to add to our family, however this is not a right away thing and I am willing to wait for the right dog. I am familiar with aussies and would love to have another soon. Currently I have two rescues, one of wich is 14/15 and is very close to the rainbow Bridge. I have small children that are going to be heart broken when our deal Charlie passes on. We have had her for 10 years now. We will be picky about our next pupp as we will have them for many many years. Not looking to completely break the bank as I plan on putting aside extra money for pet supplies and vet visits. Papers aren’t important but are a plus, Looking for a Blue Merle smaller standard. We most likely won’t be purchasing until March/April but wanted to start looking early. We will want to meet the parents as well. If you are a reputable breeder please contact me.

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