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There is a new way to reach customers, affordable, local and cost-effective.. through a local home page or your very own business or organization’s home page.


This is how a home page with the Arkansas Pulse is better!

1) You write the stories.
Typical newsletters and magazines rely on a staff of professionals that are paid by ad revenue.  We skip that cost!

2) We only print a snippet of the article leaving the rest online.
So many articles taking up so much space on a page, all has to be paid for by advertisers.  Plus, not everybody reads those articles, so why should we ask you to share in the expense of unpopular articles?

3) We use the entire printed page for paid articles.
The cost of the page is shared with all providers rather than just a few to carry the bulk of the load.  Dividing the page into more payees means the cost is lower for everybody.

While content on the ONLINE Arkansas Pulse is ALWAYS FREE, you can give your stories extra exposure by PROMOTING YOUR STORIES, SPONSORING A FEATURED STORY or PARTICIPATING IN A STAND-ALONE ad of your business or organization in one of our printed Home Pages.


Promoted stories are stories produced online by you our readers but promoted in one or our PRINTED home pages. We print a  thumbnail photo and article teaser linking back to the rest of your article online through a keyword and short-code (to read the rest of the story, text THISWORD to 77948).  Your cost to promote your story is around $20.


Sponsored stories are just as they sound.  While the majority of the content on the Arkansas Pulse is user submitted, we also produce editorial content or will feature a story provided by you, and seek sponsors to support that story in print. These stories will be the focus of each the printed newsletter printed at the top of the page.  We will print a teaser of the article along with a featured image then direct the reader to read the rest of the story online via a short-code (to read the rest of the story, text THISWORD to 77948) The sponsors ad will be featured next to the featured story in print and will also be presented on the page of the story online.


If you don’t think a promoted or sponsored story is the best way to communicate your message, you can also promote your business using the traditional ad format.  This is a stand-alone message that promotes your business with your contact information available right on the ad.  Short-codes and keywords are available but not necessary.


If you want to get your story in one of our printed newsletters, the first thing you need to do is WRITE YOUR STORY below.  If you would like to promote it in a printed newsletter, select that option on the form.

Russellville MarketPlace Printed Edition

Please fill out the following if you would like to participate in the Russellville MarketPlace, a new publication for Russellville business.

To advertise in the Russellville Market Place MAGAZINE, or to advertise in the Russellville Market Place ONLINE, please fill out the following form. Ads will start at just $15 for the smallest ad, up to $150 for a full page while it will always be free to advertise your products or services online.
The information you provide here will be kept in strict confidence and will be used only to find writers for StuffMartUSA. You will not be included in mailing list (although we may contact you via email to further discuss this opportunity) and your contact information will never be sold or shared with anyone for any reason. We just don't do that. We respect your privacy so if you ask to be removed from our system we will honor your request immediately.

If you would like to speak to a live representative about a new way to market your business, call or text 479-890-4884.  If you would like use to contact you, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


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